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About Play at Ark Enrichment

We provide holistic curriculum to build curiosity, confidence, and learning in young children. We’ve created a unique curriculum of hands-on exercises and games for ages 4-12 that teaches essential skills, including empathy, grit, self-regulation, and collaboration. Our goal is to ensure young children are inspired to engage with the world around them and that they develop tools to foster their curiosity for the rest of their lives.


Mission & Vision

Be Yourself, Belong, and Become.


We develop children's unique strengths and potential through joyful learning experiences.

Bilingual Play-Based Integrated programme

All children are encouraged to be inspired, motivated and engaged in their learning experiences. Children are engaged in purposeful play that leads on to creative exploration and meaningful discovery. In this supportive environment, children learn from each other and from the variety of people who surround them. These interactions not only promote healthy social development but also contribute greatly to a sense of belonging which helps a child become  confident and self-assured.

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