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2022 Enrichment Programmes

We provide holistic curriculum to build curiosity, confidence, and learning in young children. Our programmes consist of hands-on exercises and games for ages 4-12 that teaches essential skills, including empathy, grit, self-regulation, and collaboration.

Image by Gautam Arora

Fun with Phonics

Age 4-6

Learn reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary through fun activities and stories in class.

Science Experiment

Science Sense 

Level 1-3

Age 4-12

Explore the world of science and technology, and develop curiosity and interest in the micro and macro world.

Image by Jerry Wang

Hanyu Pinyin Basics

Age 4-7

Learn correct  pronunciation and Chinese Pinyin through specially designed oral exercises and interactive games.

Image by Sigmund

Artsy Craftsy

Level 1-3

Age 4-12

Explore creative ways to make art beyond the traditional classroom style of learning with a focus on discovery.

Image by Caleb Woods

Math Blast

Level 1-3

Age 4-12

Get challenged  to solve math problems in a variety of ways with hands-on exploration.


Coding Coaching

Level 1-3

Age 10-13

Learn how to program, tinker with electronics, build apps, and make awesome things.

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