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Play to Learn,

Learn to Play

Play at Ark Enrichment

Creativity. Discovery. Growth.

We develop children's unique strengths and

potential through joyful learning experiences.

Children Enrichment
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We provide an excellent opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences that include explorations and experiments to reinforce the classroom lesson.

 We provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to language learning: we teach children both english and chinese in the classroom. Our curriculum emphasise perception and understanding over rote memorization.

Our curriculum is designed to immerse children in the world of art in a play-based setting. This gives children the opportunity to explore their artistic abilities, create their own work of art, and develop an appreciation for arts education.

Focusing on developing a strong foundation of math concepts. Our classes leverages the playfulness of early childhood development to help toddlers and preschoolers learn about numbers, colors, shapes, and quantities as they discover the world around them. 

Curriculum Highlights

Our holistic curriculum is enriched with programs that build curiosity, support literacy, and develop the minds of children. It's playful approach enhances children's language abilities, mathematical concepts, and sense of logic. Aimed at developmentally younger learners, our less-restrictive approach to curriculum mirrors how children learn in real life.

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